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Challenge accepted

I got a call from a gentleman in Como the other day who had five kittens he needed to rehome or he was going to have to take "drastic measures." Though we hadn't intended to take any animals yet, the whole point of our organization is to save lives. So I met him at Wal-Mart last night. He was only able to catch four of the five, but they are now chilling out on my back porch in an XXL dog kennel. They've been well fed, but they are incredibly timid. They would be perfect barn cats as is, after being fixed, but I believe they could be tamed. I've tamed worse. 

These little loves are about 3 months old. I haven't handled them much yet, so I don't know how many boys or girls I have, but there are three black kitties and one gray tabby, with one more gray tabby to come if it can be trapped.

If you would like to "Pay for a Spay" we would certainly appreciate the support. To get five kittens vetted (spay or neuter, rabies, kitten shots) it's going to cost me anywhere from $200-600 depending on whether the vet can offer us a discounted rate. If you can even donate $5 it will help defray the cost of getting these guys fixed and ready to go to their new homes.


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My house has long been a stray cat magnet. I don't know if they smell the cat food, or if people drop them off because they know I'm going to take care of them. Four of the five cats I currently have were strays. I recently set up a trail cam on my porch to get an accurate count of how many cats I'm actually feeding. I've seen two extra cats and one very fat raccoon so far, so I'm hoping to get pictures.

This is not just a problem at my house, though. All over town you see cats and kittens dashing between the shadows or foraging in dumpsters. I've picked up kittens off the side of country roads and gotten them a new home or to a rescue. I've decided it's time to make my actions official and start a non-profit dedicated to managing the feral cat population with TNR (trap, neuter, release), and finding homes for feral kittens and stray adults. You can read more about the difference between stray and feral cats here.

To that end, I'm going to need your…

What's in store for the New Year

We had a productive meeting last night,  brainstorming ideas to raise money. My favorite idea, which I already have in the works, is a "Cutest Cat Contest". I'm super excited about this one! I began the setup process last night and should have more information in the next 2-3 days. If this one goes well, we may do a calendar for next year.

We are also reaching out to our local Tractor Supply, Kroger, Wal-mart and a few other locations to find out if we can set up tables to collect donations and hand out fliers, and possibly take advantage of any broken bags of cat food or litter they may wish to donate.

I have a personal goal to get 100 cats spayed or neutered this year, and I think with your support we can do it.  If you can only give $1 or $5 it can go a long way to helping us reach our goals. If 100 people donate $5, we could spay our neuter up to 10 cats!

Please consider donating a few dollars to help fund our TNR program. Every dollar helps!

Como went to his new home yesterday!

We are so excited! Happiness on the heels of tragedy is always welcome.

Here he is in his new digs. He is still shy, but he has lots of space to explore and great hiding places from which to survey his new domain.
We still have three kittens to go. Two males, and one female.