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Three of the Como brood going in for spay/neuter surgery on 12/31

Russ, Como, and Enid are going in for surgery on 12/31. That means they will be able to go to new homes in a couple of weeks! Russ, waiting for me to get home from work Como and Enid (I think) the first night they came home with me Russ Como, the lap cat Como, the shoulder cat Enid and Como These three have really come a long way. Fred has settled into the lap cat life too, but I need to get Enid fixed before she goes into heat. I am NOT dealing with that. Enid is the smallest of the litter, and Fred is the largest. I'd say he's three times her size, if not in weight, definitely in body size. He's going to be a big cat. Fred is HUGE Shadow accidentally got caught the other night when he wasn't paying attention, and he didn't like it. I'm not so sure he's going to be a lap cat, but I'm going to keep working on him.  He would likely be a very good barn cat, but I think with time he can be tamed. I